About Feeding Birds

The RSPB know loads about how to feed birds, what and when to feed them.

Have a look at their Ways To Feed Birds and When To Feed Garden birds information.

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Reminder - About Keeping Bird Tables and Feeders Clean

Just like us birds can be prone to diseases, so it’s really important to keep your feeders and tables clean. Clean them regularly so birds with diseases don't pass them on to others, or so poop doesn’t mix with food, yeuch!

Autumn is a good time to clean your bird table and make sure it’s still in good order, with no sticky out nails etc.

Learn more by watching this video and reading Keep Your Bird Table Healthy and Hygiene and Maintenance on the RSPB web site.

How To Clean Your Feeder Video
Jock o' Bennachie
Don’t bring feeders into the house to clean them, do it outside using separate utensils and wear gloves. Always wash your hands afterwards.
Whooper Swans
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(Photograph Credit - Ron MacDonold)

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