Spiders, scorpions, ticks and mites all belong to the arachnid group. They don’t have wings or antennae, but they have hard exoskeletons (that’s just a hard covering to protect and support the animal). Most have eight legs and two main body parts. They also have extra pincers or fangs! They are predators which mean they eat other creatures so must hunt for their own food!

To find out more about the 65,000 kinds of arachnids have a look by visiting DK Find Out Arachnids web site.

Some say Jock is hiding in a cave on Bennachie, and he shares this cave with a cave spider! He loves watching it making its webs.

Interesting Fact: There are more than 750 million spiders in the UK, and we have 400 different types of spiders in Scotland!

They produce silk from the spinneret glands in their abdomen. Their silk is very strong and they weave it into webs to catch their prey. Some spiders don't use webs and they hide and catch insects as they appear.

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Now watch the video about "Spiders" and a story about spiders by Jackie Ross.

Spiders (Animals For Kids)
A Story About Spiders by Jackie Ross

We also have a quick 30 second video that you can watch to learn how a spider makes a web.

How Spiders Make Webs

Now in slow motion see how the spider makes a web.

Spider Web Construction in Slow Motion
Activity: Can you find any spiders in your house or garden? Read Spiders in Your Home from the Natural History Museum to learn more.
Spiders In Your Home
Spiders in Your Home (Natural History Museum)

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