Great Spotted Woodpecker

Jock likes woodpeckers as they use their strong bills to drill into dead trees looking for insects like beetle larvae, seeds and nuts...

Did You Know?

  • They have special shock absorbent tissue at the base of the bill and the skull to cushion the impact of all the drumming.
  • Jock o' Bennachie can’t do this as he would get a serious headache!
  • They are about 22-23 cm long and weigh about 85 g.
  • The male has a red patch on the back of his head, and youngsters have red crowns.
  • They have very distinctive bouncing flight and you will see them clinging onto tree trunks and branches, and they will often try to hide on the side away from you.
  • The nest hole is made by both the mum and the dad, and they may use it again in the next years.
  • Both parents incubate the clutch of white eggs, which take about 12 days to hatch.
  • Individual parents look after the brood once they have left the nest, feeling them for the first 10 days, when they begin to become more independent.

Have you every wondered if Woodpeckers get headaches?

Watch this video to find out the answer!

Do Woodpeckers Get Headaches?
Woodpecker Holes
Woodpecker Holes
More Woodpecker Holes
More Woodpecker Holes

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