How Can We Help?

What can we do to help Jock and his friends?

Things don't have to be this way, we can fix this for Jock and Bennachie’s wildlife! We can all make a difference, YOU can make a difference!

Please watch these videos.

ouTube Video: Bin It! To The Beat Primary Animation
No Litter Generation

One of the best things we can do is to make sure we don’t drop litter ourselves. If you're out and about and there’s no bin, just take your rubbish home!

Leave no trace - after all, carrying your litter off the hill will certainly be easier once you’ve eaten and drunk your tasty snacks.

Have you got the bottle? Always pop your drinks bottles , pouches and cartons in the bin - or take them home with you to recycle

Be good with food! Did you know a food bin full of food waste can generate enough electricity to power a light bulb for 24 hours! But only if it ends up in the recycling.

Don’t drop your leftovers either, put them in the food bin, and the container in the recycling or bin.

It’s a takeway, not a throwaway! Make sure you dispose of your takeaway litter responsibly, so you don't endanger wildlife

When your can’s out of juice... bin it! Crush your drinks cans and CAREFULLY pull the tab back to cover the hole before recycling them

Slam dunk your junk! Your actions could save lives! Think about Bennachie’s wildlife - they can’t tell the difference between food and plastic. Use the bins provided or take your rubbish home.

Tie a knot in plastic bags before recycling them, to help prevent animals becoming injured or dying

Wash containers and put the lids back on before recycling them, to stop animals getting their heads stuck in them

Who doesn’t love a balloon? When you're finished with it cut it up before binning

Chinese lanterns - these are a serious risk, just don’t go there!

Glass - does it jar with you? Don’t bottle it, be sure to wash them and recycle to prevent injuries to pets, wildlife and the environment

Cut all the loops on plastic six can holders, so creatures don't get stuck.

Cut elastic bands before binning them, so animals don't get stuck or entangled in them

Be a poo fighter! Make sure you finish the jobbie , bag it and bin your dog’s doo doo!

Rubbish Excuses!

The bin was full - find another, or take your rubbish home!

I couldn’t find a bin - if you can carry it on to Bennachie when it’s full, you can certainly carry it off when it’s empty!

It’s the Council’s job to clear litter - NO-ONE is paid to pick up litter on Bennachie, and Jock can’t do it all by himself!

You can’t afford to be trashy - there’s an £80 fine for dropping litter!

There’s NO excuse for littering!


Clean Up Scotland – Litter Picking Guidance for Groups
Litter Picking Guidance for Groups (PDF) Clean Up Scotland
Clean Up Scotland Workers
Clean Up Scotland
Clean Up Scotland Workers
Clean Up Scotland

This is part of the Let's Make Bennachie Litter Free! information.