Outdoors With The Bailies

The Bailies of Bennachie want to help inspire young people to enjoy and appreciate the outdoor environment.

There is so much out there to explore and enjoy, and Bennachie's friendly giant, Jock o' Bennachie will help guide you as we look at the incredible biodiversity, history and landscape of the Aberdeenshire area.

Jock o' Bennachie and the Bailies have started with some fun summer activities and are developing further educational packages for schools to use. Using Bennachie as inspiration, we hope you enjoy and have fun with all these resources.

Winter Programme

There’s a lot of fun to be had in the great outdoors in winter! Crunching across frosty grass, smelling the crisp cold air, admiring the patterns on fallen leaves, spying sleepy ladybirds tucked under trees’ bark, jumping around in snow, and seeing how far your shadows stretch in the low winter sun... As long as you are well prepared, there’s so much to see and do at this time of year, whether on Bennachie or your local woodland, park, or even your garden.

Jock o' Bennachie has lots to tell you about what’s going on in winter! Check out his outdoor and indoor activities, there’s lots of fun stuff for you to enjoy!

He also has important advice for you on how to enjoy being outdoors in winter safely.

Please don't forget to checkout our Autumn and Summer programme if you have not already had a look.

Winter Programme 2020 Autumn Programme 2020 Summer Programme 2020

Woodland Walk

As you use these resources, we hope you will share with us photos or videos of your adventures, your findings, the pictures you draw or paint and the things you create - we can't wait to see them! We hope you will enter our competitions, we are offering a small prize for each competition - very best of luck!

All About Winter

All About Winter

Jock o' Bennachie has lots to tell you about what’s going on in winter! Come and find out when Winter begins and just what is the Winter Solstice! What about the changes you might find on Bennachie in Winter?
Bennachie's Winter Wildlife

Bennachie's Winter Wildlife

Learn more about the Winter Wildlife on Bennachie and the surrounding areas, and how to spot it.
Becoming a Nature Detective

Becoming a Nature Detective

Wild creatures can be hard to spot, most are very shy, and many only come out at night. However, if you look closely you might see feed signs, tracks or droppings left behind.
Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team

Aberdeen Mountain Rescue Team

Many people are surprised to discover that there is a Mountain Rescue Team based in Aberdeen.
Winter Activities

Winter Activities

Jock o' Bennachie has loads of fun winter activities for you to enjoy so start exploring!
Bailies of Bennachie Autumn Programme 2020

Autumn Programme 2020

Join us over the summer holidays with various activities and challenges for the whole family.
About Autumn

About Autumn

Autumn starts in September, when Jock 'o Bennachie notices that daylight gets shorter, and it gets colder and wetter.
Birds in Autumn

Birds in Autumn

Learn about migration and the many birds you may spot this Autumn.
Autumn Feeding Birds

Feeding Birds in Autumn

Give your birds a helping hand by feeding them, especially in autumn and winter.
Autumn Fruits, Berries and Seeds

Autumn Fruits

Learn more about the Autumn fruits and seeds and learn how to play "real" conkers!

Autumn Minibeasts

Learn more about what Minibeasts do in the Autumn and how the handle the colder conditions.
Autumn Activities

Autumn Activities

Browse our collection of Autumn activities as well as one from across the web.
Bailies of Bennachie Summer Holiday Programme 2020

Summer Programme 2020

Join us over the summer holidays with various activities and challenges for the whole family.
Bailies of Bennachie - Birds


We have lots of interesting facts about the birds you might see when out and about.
Things To Grow - Outdoors with the Bailies of Bennachie

Things That Grow

Jock o' Bennachie welcomes you to 'Things that Grow'. He has lots of fun and interesting activities to do outside or inside, things to grow or make, and much more!
Minibeasts and Pollinators - Outside with the Bailies of Bennachie

Minibeasts and Pollinators

Jock o' Bennachie has loads of fun things to find out about his minibeast and pollinator friends! Let the bug hunt begin!
Jock o' Bennachie - Outdoors With The Bailies

Jock o' Bennachie

Do you know the legend of Jock o' Bennachie - come with us on an adventure full of legend and lore. Just who was our big friendly giant on the hill!
Bailies of Bennachie - Watch Activities


Check out our helpful videos to support your nature journey through the forest.
Bailies of Bennachie Resources


What do you know about the birds and wildlife in and around Bennachie Forest? Check out these resources to help you get to know what is on your own doorstep.
Map of Bennachie

Map of Bennachie

Download Forestry and Land Scotland Bennachie information and trail information.

Your Feedback Is Welcome

Your feedback about this web site, it's content and our summer activities is very welcome.

Your feedback will help to guide our future focus in developing this web site and future learning resources.

Please use our Enquiry Form to get in touch and we look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

Note: During this COVID-19 period the toilets may be closed at Bennachie Visitor Centre or Rowantree car park. That’s why we are not actively encouraging you to visit Bennachie, and why our resources and activities are suitable for woodland, parks or even your garden.
Children Playing in Woodland


Being aware and prepared for weather changes is essential when you are in the hills or mountains.

Please always check the weather before you set out and please read our Staying Safe on Bennachie and Outdoor Activity Checklist information.

Staying Safe on Bennachie Outdoor Activity Checklist