Jock o' Bennachie

Folklore has it that long long ago, Bennachie was guarded by a huge giant called Jock o' Bennachie.

He was a peaceful and kindly giant, who looked after all the creatures who lived on Bennachie.

He was big, even for a giant, and to this day you can still see where his bed was supposed to be on Bennachie. It's called "Little John’s Length".

And it lies between 2 craigs near Craig Shannoch, and it is 200 m long! If you measure the length of your bed you will get an idea of just how big Jock must have been!

As peaceful and friendly as he was, Jock had one enemy. He was Jock o' Noth, the giant who lived on Tap o' Noth near Rhynie, some 13 miles away from Bennachie.

Our Jock was in love with Lady Anne, but before he could ask her to be his wife Jock o' Noth stole her away from him. Our Jock was heartbroken, and I'm afraid to say he threw huge boulders at Jock o' Noth. If you visit Tap o' Noth it is said that a stone may still be seen with the mark of 5 gigantic fingers!

There are many tales about Jock’s adventures and we will cover more in the future.

For now listen to the story of "Jock o' Bennachie".

Read by Jackie Ross, North East Storyteller

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Jock and the Monks

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Jock o' Bennachie
Jock o' Bennachie