Jock’s Favourite Plants - Cat’s Ears and Dandelions

Jock uses these two plants when they produce seed to help him make decisions!

Jock gently blows the seed head, on each blow he says Yes then No and alternates until there are no seeds left and he has a yes and no answer to his problem!

Dandelion Seeds

It is hard to tell the difference between Cat’s Ear and Dandelions, however, have a close look at the Identify that Plant web site to learn how do to it.

However there are lots of Cat’s ears found on the forest roads around Bennachie... If you look very closely you with find wee cat’s ears on the flower stalks… Jock thinks they look more like mouse ears!

Dandelion and Cat’s Ear
Identifying Plans - Dandelion and Cat’s Ear.
Wee cat’s ears on the flower stalks
Wee cat’s ears on the flower stalks! (Enlarged).

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