Plants come in all sorts of colours shapes and sizes.

Jock o’ Bennachie knows loads of plants living on Bennachie. As different plants grow on different parts of the hill from wetter to drier parts, he uses plants to help him to work out where he is on the hill! He also uses plants for bedding, making tools or furniture or eating!

He knows that plants, wherever they’re found are pretty special-they give us and all his wildlife friends food, they give insects, birds and animals habitats-places to live in, on, under and around-and they give us all the oxygen we breathe. So we can’t live without them!

Let’s get started: remember you just can dip in as much or as little as you like to Jock’s information about plants! For now Jock is looking at plants, especially wildflowers and trees, another time he will look at lichens, mosses and fungi.

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Okay this may seem a daft question, but let’s get things straight from the start - so what exactly is a plant? Watch this video and explorer the What Is A Plant? information to find out more.

What Are Plants?

What do plants need to grow, and where do they grow best? Jock’s guessing its not mince and tatties! What do you think?

Watch this video to see if you were correct!

What Do Plants Need To Survive? (BBC Tech)

What Are The Parts Of A Plant?

Okay so now let’s get to know the parts of a plant, and what they do. Just like us they have lots of different bits and pieces, each with a job to do!

What Are The Parts Of A Plant (BBC Tech)

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