Trees-the obvious bit!

Trees are tall plants with a single woody stem, called a trunk.

Have a look at the Tree Parts diagram from DK Find Out to learn more.

There are evergreen trees-guess what, they keep their leaves all year round; such as Scots pine trees, which are both evergreen and conifers.

Have a look at the Evergreen Tree Parts diagram from DK Find Out to learn more.

And deciduous trees-that’s just a big word for trees which lose their leaves every autumn! Most have broadleaves-wide, flat leaves. One of Jock’s favourites is the Rowan because the birds love its berries

Read our Why Do We Need Trees? poster to learn that there are loads of reasons for why we all need trees.

So how do trees grow?

How Do Trees Grow?

Watch the "Acorn Seedling Time Lapse Over 8 Months" of how a mighty oak tree develops from its seed, the acorn, to a sapling. It is such an amazing process.

Acorn Seedling Time Lapse Over 8 Months.
Jock o' Bennachie
Jock’s Cool Fact About Trees
  • Trees are the largest plants in existence.
  • While trees and bushes are both woody plants, they are different.
  • Bushes, which are typically smaller than trees, branch out from the ground and do not form a single trunk as trees do.
  • Bark of trees that grow in the shade is often thin, while bark of trees that grow in sunny places is thicker.
  • The most poisonous tree in the world is the manchineel tree, which is native to Florida. If eaten, its fruit can kill a person. Additionally, standing under the tree during a rainstorm can cause blisters, and the smoke from a burning tree can blind you. Thank goodness you don’t get them on Bennachie!
  • Because of their ability to adapt to most environments, oaks are considered the “king of trees” and represent wisdom, strength, and loyalty.
  • In terms of volume, a giant sequoia named General Sherman is the world's largest tree and may be the world's largest living thing. At 52,508 cubic feet, General Sherman is located in California's Sequoia National Park.
  • There are are 3.04 trillion trees on Earth, or about 422 for each person. The oldest tree is 3,000 years old!
  • In the UK, the oldest tree is thought to be a yew in Scotland, estimated to be around 3,000 years old.
  • The name given to people who love trees and woodland is nemophilist

Have you ever been outside and wondered how tall a tree is? Watch this video to learn how to measure the height of a tree.

How To Measure The Height of A Tree
Tree Parts
Tree Parts (from DK Find Out)
Evergreen Tree Parts
Evergreen Tree Parts (from DK Find Out)
Why Do We Need Trees?
Why Do We Need Trees? (PDF Poster)
Jock o' Bennachie

Jock’s jokes about plants and trees

What did the flower say to the flower next to him? - Move over bud!

How excited was the gardener about spring? - So excited he wet his plants!

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