Respect, Protect, Enjoy

Jock o' Bennachie is hopping mad with what SOME of us humans are doing to his precious hill and the wildlife he looks after on it! He hasn’t been this worried and angry since the days when Jock o' Noth stole his girlfriend! He is stomping about Bennachie shouting, "THIS MUST STOP!"

Bennachie is a very special place - it’s beautiful and peaceful, and especially during the COVID-19 pandemic it has been a wonderful place for folks to enjoy. Never have we needed our outdoor spaces more.

Bennachie has given us so much - exercise, fun, brilliant views, loads of super memories, the chance to soak up all the good things about being outside in the fresh air.

But what have SOME of us given Bennachie is return?

Dirty, dangerous LITTER... and loads of it!

Plastic bottles, glass bottles, drinks cans, used loo roll (yeuch!), face masks, sweetie papers, crisp bags, cigarette butts, the list is endless... Let’s not forget to mention the small mountain of dog poo bags that’s threatening to outgrow Little Oxen Craig!

Litter in this special place looks awful and spoils our fun in the countryside. Jock hates, hates HATES standing in dog poo, it squishes through his big hairy toes! But things are much more serious than that - it’s killing and injuring the birds and animals who live on Bennachie!

Jock feels sure that humans don't mean to hurt wildlife with their litter, if they only understood the harm their litter is causing they would stop dropping it and be more responsible by binning it or taking it home to recycle properly.

Jock can’t fix this all by himself, we need to help him and his furry and feathered friends!

Jock o' Bennachie

Jock Says:
I know climbing Bennachie is hungry and thirsty work and you need a snack - just put all your litter in your backpack till you get to the bins, or take it home.

YouTube Video: The Animals Save the Planet - Leopards Hate Litter
Litter Collected on Bennachie
Litter Collected on Bennachie
Litter Collected Near Bennachie
Litter Collected Near Bennachie
Litter Collected Near Bennachie
Litter Collected Near Bennachie

This is part of the Let's Make Bennachie Litter Free! information.