Searching for Minibeasts

You can find Minibeasts almost anywhere, so why not get out in your garden or local park or woodland or come to Bennachie to see what you can find! Minibeasts live in all sorts of habitats, many prefer dark, damp spots in gardens and woods.

The Woodland Trust has put together some great advice for going on a bug hunt, and they have a great Minibeast Hunt checklist for the creatures you might discover!

Check out,

  • Under stones and logs to find woodlice and millipedes.
  • The cracks in tree bark and and deadwood to find beetles and spiders.
  • Leaves for caterpillars and ladybirds.
  • After the rain is a great time to spot the slimes-slugs, snails and earthworms.
Bug Hunting At Home
Important: Remember to put all Minibeasts back carefully where you found them.
Remember: While on the bug hunt, keep your hands and the bug hunt equipment away from your mouth. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards!
Minibeast Hunt (Woodland Trust)
Minibeast Hunt (Woodland Trust)
Minibeast Spotter (CBeebies)
Minibeast Spotter (CBeebies)
Jock o' Bennachie
Jock Says: Be very gentle when you pick up bugs, you might like to use a small paintbrush. Always put them back where you find them. Remember to wash your hands afterwards!

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