The Slimes - Snails and Slugs

Slugs and snails come from eggs!

Slugs are hermaphrodites, having both female and male reproductive organs. Slugs have no skeletons, and crawl around on what looks like one big huge foot, and they only have one lung.

To learn more watch this video and have a look at the DK FindOut! page on Slugs and Snails

Snails, Slugs, and Slime! (Animal Science for Kids)

Hedgehogs, newts, toads and some birds, like song thrushes, love to eat slugs and snails!

Fun Activity: Try and find some slugs and see if you can identify them! Uses the resource in this section to help you.

To identify slugs look at DEFRA Slug Identification.

More about slugs and snails look at DK FindOut! Snails and Slugs web site.

Slugs and Snails (DK FindOut!)
Slugs and Snails (DK FindOut!)
Snails Have Teeth! (BBC)
Snails Have Teeth! - Join Jess for an amazing snail adventure! (cbeebies)

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