Test Your Tracking Skills #2

Who Made These Tracks?

They are 3 cm wide: Dog, Cat, Badger or Otter?

View both Image #1 and Image #2 before deciding.

Yes, A Cat - Well done!

Cats have four toes that show up in a track. All the pads are large. There is a small fifth toe higher up on the leg that does not register.

There is little space between the toe pads and the very large, three-lobed palm pad which looks a bit like a cartoon nose.

The hind foot is more elongated than the fore foot. The fore foot is wider.

The claws are not often visible as they are usually retracted. The normal gait for a cat is a walk.

This track was also made by a cat. When they walk cats place the back foot directly in the track of the forefoot (a direct register) making it look as though the track has 5 or even 6 toes!

Have a closer look and try again.

Try Again


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