The Wren

The Wren is found in mixed woodlands and in gardens.

Did You Know?

  • It is a little bird that is only 10 cm long - that is the length of an adult thumb or Jock’s tiny toe and has a very loud trill sound.
  • Look out for it low down on log piles or in bushes.
  • In July may be sitting on eggs as they are raising a second brood of chicks,. They sit on the eggs for 2-3 weeks, then after hatching the birds are fed for another 2-3 weeks and then they can fly…
  • Wrens have pointed bills for picking up spiders and insects.

Now watch these videos to learn what a Wren sounds like and learn why the Wren is the "King of the Birds".

YouTube Video: Wren Bird Singing a Beautiful Song - Birdsong and Sounds
As told by Jackie Ross, North East Storyteller

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