What are Birds?

This may seem a daft question, after all we all see birds every day, but what is it about an animal that makes it a bird? Why not explore the BBC's Bite Size topic 'What are birds?' and learn more.

Many male and female birds look the same to us, but there are some you can tell apart.

Keep your eyes peeled when you are out and about and see if you can tell the boys from the girls!

Fun Activity: Why not build a bird bath and see what birds visit? Follow our simple instructions (Bird Bath Activity Worksheet) to get started.

About Baby Birds (Fledglings)

When baby birds leave the nest they are called fledglings. From April-early Autumn, parks, gardens and woodland are filled with the cheeps and flapping wings of hungry baby birds saying, feed me, feed me to their parents. Have a look at the Wildlife Watch's Baby Bird Detective worksheet. Have you seen any of these?

Visit the Woodland Trust to find out more

How Do Baby Birds Hatch?

Once a bird hatches from its egg it is called a nestling. To learn more about how a bird hatches visit

If you’re out walking in the woods listen up for baby great spotted woodpeckers, they’re really hungry and they’re really noisy! The parents never stop bringing them yummy snacks

Speaking about lunch, what do birds eat? Well that depends on the bird and the time of year. Some eat seeds, berries, fruit, insects, other birds eggs, small mammals, fish, buds, larvae, acorns and other nuts, grain, dead animals and much more...

Different types of birds have different beaks so they can eat certain food. Have fun matching the beaks to the tools Beaks and Tools worksheet.

Stop, Look and Listen

Learn more about what birds eat by reading the RSPB pages at

Become An Eggshell Detective

Why not become an eggshell detective by reading the Woodland Trust's What Hatched Here? how to identify bird egg shells guide.

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