What Do Minibeasts Eat?

They eat all sorts of things. Lots of minibeasts eat plants, and many flying insects feed on nectar from flowers. Others, such as spiders, like to eat other minibeasts!

Some minibeasts eat much stranger things - for example, some beetles and ants munch on wood, earthworms feed on dead grass and leaves, and dung beetles feast on animal poo. That might seem yukky, but these creatures do a great job of recycling and improving the quality of the soil so trees and plants can grow.

Some minibeasts, such as ticks and mosquitoes, even like to snack on your blood. Yuk!

You can read more information on what minibeasts like for lunch at the YPTE What do Minibeasts Eat? web site.

Caterpillar Eating Hole in Leaf
What do Minibeasts Eat?
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