Animal droppings, or scat give brilliant clues about who has ‘been’ there! To work out poodunnit, notice the size, shape and colour of the scat , and break it apart with a stick to see what the animal has been eating. Clues could be fur, tiny bones, berries and seeds.

Fun Activity: Try the RSPB's Whose Poo? game to see how good you are at recognising poo! It is great fun!

Here are some guides to common mammal droppings, and what to look (or smell).

Okay let’s play the RSPB's RSPB Whose Poo? with this quiz-sorry about the sound effects!

Jock o' Bennachie

Jock Says: Never touch animal poo as it contains bacteria which could make you ill - always wash your hands after you have been out nature detecting

RSPB Whose Poo?
Jock o' Bennachie

Jock's Winter Jokes

Is it quicker to be hot or cold?

Hot, because you can catch cold!

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