Information for Parents

Note: We have created this section for parents or group organisers. If you are younger you may find our Information for Children section more interesting.

We have designed these resources for families to do together. We expect a parent or a responsible adult to supervise their children at all times as they participate in any such activities.

The countryside is great fun for children, there’s so much to see, touch, smell and discover on a nature walk.

When planning your walk please check the weather forecast and wear suitable clothing for the conditions you may encounter. Work with the weather and pick a good forecast - it is much easier to have fun if you’re all warm and dry. For example, the conditions on top of Bennachie will likely be different to the car park, so pack layers and waterproofs for them (see Bennachie Weather Forecast for the latest information).

Food and water are important to have on hand when walking with children. Little ones burn fuel and get dehydrated quickly, so stop frequently for breaks. Walking burns lots of energy for children and adults, so it is important to replenish it regularly with nutritious food and lots of water. If your children are old enough to carry their own packs, let them make/carry their own snacks and water bottles, too. They’ll feel extra responsible having their own gear and refreshments. Small treats also make handy bribes if you need to coax a kid to do just 10 more minutes.

We hope nothing bad will happen out on the adventure, but it’s best to be prepared for anything. This could mean a scraped knee, an insect bite, or a sudden change in the weather. Make sure you pack your first aid kit with the standard supplies and any medications you may need. Hopefully, you won’t ever need anything more than a plaster, but better to be prepared. Also consider packing bug spray, sunscreen, waterproofs, mobile phone. And before you go, always let someone know where you’ll be.

Please teach children to leave no trace. Leave nothing but footprints. Take all your litter to a bin or home with you and leave none on the trail. If you are taking the dog, always use a poo bag and always bag it and bin it!

It’s also worth leaving a towel and change of clothes in the car, just in case the children have been unable to resist that muddy patch or burn!

Children are well used to washing their hands these days, but just a reminder that it is important to do so after picking up all the ‘treasure’ they will find when they are out.

Please have your mobile phone charged up as you may need it to take photos of "finds" for the current Competition.

Tip: It is worth packing water, soap and towel as the toilets may not be open. We suggest taking toilet paper and trowel for burying waste. Please do not leave wet wipes as they will not rot down.

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Woodland Walk

Note (July 2022): The toilets at Rowantree car park are currently closed.